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McGills orders apparel from all the leading catalogs including Charles River, SanMar, Edwards and Berne. Because the amount of options can be daunting, our knowledgeable staff who can walk you through the different options to find out the right products to meet your company's needs. Please call us at 603-627-3472 or email us at mcguniform1@hotmail.com.

We provide pretty much anything your company might need. We sell embroidered and printed hats, tees, polos, fleeces, hoodies in wide array of sizes, colors and styles. Because we own our own embroidery equipment we can turn around sales quickly with high quality. 

The Process: 

The process is simple.  Send us your vector art and we can digitize it to transform your design for our embroidery and screen printing machines. Please note we have a minimum order size of 24 garments for screen printing and 6 pieces for embroidery.  

Group Sales

McGills specializes in group sales. If your company reorders the same products we can set it up in a number of different ways.

  1. We can come to your company or send to your company samples for your employees to try on. We collect the information for the initial order and send that back to your company to distribute. In this case the company orders everything and pays for everything.
  2. The business collects the orders and sizes from their employees and puts the order in at one time. Products can be bagged individually by employee but are shipped to one location
  3. Individual employees order their own apparel by calling us or using the online system but all the orders are billed and shipped to central office. 
  4. For companies that offer stipends to their employees, the individual employees would order and pay for the garment. The company would then reimburse the employees.

Customer Portals

For customers who expect to repeat orders over the year McGills can set up a company online portal. This portal is password protected and may be accessed by employees. The employees can either order themselves and be reimbursed for their purchases or we can set up credit through PayPal or check.

The portals are a great option for organizations involved in fundraising or large groups with the same orders but where the individuals would pay. Examples of this are travel soccer teams, sorority/fraternity sales, hospital departments etc. Call us or fill in the contact form below and let us know if you would like to discuss way your company can benefit from from the ease ordering.



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