Collection: Tufts Physician Assistant Program

Welcome to the Tufts Physician Assistant Program

You can order here or call us by phone at 603-627-3472 to place your order. We are open M-F 9 am to 5pm.

Please note the following:

McGills will be coming to Tufts for a white coat fitting in the Spring of 2023. At that time Tufts will be paying for 1 lab coat and 1 name pin for the white coat ceremony. 

Students are required to purchase a second Tufts embroidered lab coat and a Tufts embroidered set of scrubs for rotations. Students should plan to pay for their order at the time of the fitting with a credit card. Embroidered items are not eligible for returns or exchange. 

Students may also order a fleece Jacket at the fitting. However, we will not have sample fleeces available - The fleece is an optional item and comes with the Tufts PA Program logo embroidered. 

All student orders will be shipped to the school in a bag with the student's name approximately 1 month after the fitting date.

Orders from alumni will be shipped directly to their homes. If you have any questions, please feel free to call McGills at 603-627-3472.

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