Collection: Northern Essex Sleep Technology

Welcome to the NECC Sleep Technology page.

Students are required to purchase at least 1 top, 1 pant and 1 name pin. Fleece jackets are optional. We will do group ordering sessions for fleeces as noted below during the semester. 

We are doing limited time ordering session for a fleece jacket. Orders will need to be placed by the deadline set by your program coordinator, Lyn Blythe, to take advantage of the bulk shipping to NECC. They will be shipped in a batch to NECC and distributed on campus. Please choose ship to NECC at the reduced shipping rate. 

If you choose to order after the date or prefer to ship home, there is a ship to home charge. Please choose that option instead of to NECC. 


DEADLINE TO ORDER IS 7/15/2023 for Fall scrub order

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